VIP Services

MORE Benefits For You and Your Family

Quality of Life Decisions

Making the best decisions to protect you and your family is the single most important task you can do to significantly increase your peace of mind and long term estate and wealth planning. In addition to our real estate and mortgage services, the Community Protectors Real Estate Program has resources that can assist you in other important life planning goals. Don't put off your dream of homeownership and financial independence, let us help you plan them by connecting you to additional great resources.

We can provide you access to additional experts beyond your real estate transaction that will offer free consultations and additional financial savings. These optional services are available as added benefits through our program and include wealth management, estate & retirement planning, insurance planning, tax planning and more. Put their resources, knowledge and expertise behind your dreams. That level of reassurance allows you to put your mind at ease, and enjoy the benefits and rewards of your hard work.

Build More Memories, Confidence and Wealth

We promote happiness and balance to our clients as responsible advisors. Shouldn't you consider a free consultation for wealth management, estate planning, tax planning or other important life decisions? Discuss your personal and family needs with us during a free consultation to get more details.

Whether it's golf, boating, fishing, or just spending time with your family and friends, your quality of life matters to us. Protecting your money, retirement and dreams is a vital part of knowing that when you step away from your home, your advisors step forward for you, protecting your most important assets. Balance isn't found, it's created with the help of your Community Protectors Real Estate Program and our associated advisors.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island First Responders VIP Real Estate and Mortgage Loan Services and Benefits for buying a home, selling real a house, Financing for Veterans including VA Loans.